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Advanced Solutions Kennemerland (ASK-Solutions) has an innovating spirit that allows us to be truly responsive to our clients. We work as a motivated team that delivers innovative, practical solutions that fulfill project needs. Our business model allows us to deliver the best service in our industry and foster successful client relationships.

ASK-Solutions cultivates an environment that encourages collaboration and continuous improvement. As a responsive and flexible young company, we have established a solid reputation because we deeply enjoy what we do.

We strive to maximize the efficiency of the products we design, while minimizing the production and operations costs to our clients. We also endeavor to reduce the impact of our own operations through careful selection of supplies, reduction of power consumption and recycling.

Tugelastraat 55
2021 TB   Haarlem
The Netherlands
Mail address
PO BOX 9633
2003 LP   Haarlem
The Netherlands
General e-mail: info@ask-solutions.nl
Accounting e-mail: sales@ask-solutions.nl
Telefoon: +31(0)23 369 0 269
Business hours
Monday - friday: between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM
Registration: 66868904
VAT: NL002075597B57
IBAN: NL76 KNAB 0259 5426 01
Registration: 34177973
VAT: NL811022122B01
IBAN: NL63 KNAB 0501 0256 93
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