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ASK-Solutions places great emphasis on efficient energy use and careful treatment of raw materials. We place great value on longevity of products, availability of spare parts and promotion of repair over replacement and therefore reduce the need of frequent replacement.

Raw Materials

We always try to use raw materials that are as clean as possible, and conform to high environmental standards. All materials we use comply with RoHS, FSC and other certifications.

Low Energy Use

We strive not to use more energy for production than is necessary. Whenever possible we use low energy, high efficiency equipment. We prevent the devices and machines we use from going into standby mode and we ensure that products with a low quiescent current are selected.

Responsible Production

We strive to reduce our production waste, by reusing scraps from other products and projects. All waste left is separated out and collected for recycling. We use prototyping to reduce waste and use materials with an as low as possible environmental impact.

Less CO2

We reduce our CO2 emissions by reducing travel and shipment frequency and packaging weight. Our facilities use high efficient lighting which adapts to incoming sunlight. Heat is reclaimed and our facilities are heated with per room heating zones with their own thermostats. This way no heat is wasted.

ASK-Solutions complies with ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance