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Privacy goes hand in hand with freedom; it is one of the freedoms that man and animal should enjoy. However, it is a very specific and often conflicting freedom. Information on this topic is collected under these pages.

What is privacy?

Privacy is the fundamental right of freedom to decide what you keep private and what you disclose about yourself and what you are doing.

I have nothing to hide!

A commonly used fallacy. It is based on a wrong definition of privacy. While privacy is about being in control about what others see and hear about you. Here the definition of privacy is changed to the concealment of facts and actions that take place in the realm of shame, unacceptable behavior and crime.

A good response to this statement would be Me neither, but would you like it if someone walks with you all day and takes notes? Even when you go to the toilet or go to sleep?

Sacrificing privacy

It is sometimes necessary to sacrifice privacy to safeguard other freedoms. However, this is not necessary very often. Invasion of privacy is only justified under extreme circumstances. Also, not everyone is allowed to invade the privacy of another. It's not the neighbor's job, nor his right, to check if you're transferring money to support international gun smuggling. Even the government, the judiciary or an intelligence agency do not have this right. This right is only obtained if there is sufficient evidence to justify this infringement of your rights. There must first be enough indications to prove your involvement in such business; innocence until proven otherwise.

Unnoticed deprival of privacy

Since the rise of the information industry, our privacy is invaded en masse in an unnoticed manner. We are monitored day and night by the industry and our behavior is registered in large databases. Our smartphone, tablet, laptop, television, car, and door intercom watch, listen and pass on our behavior to the manufacturer. This goes very unnoticed and often we are framed into this invasion. Register now and receive 1 GB of free storage space. In the small print, often many pages long, the so-called EULA (End User License Agreement), however, it states that anything you place on this storage space may be viewed and used by the service provider.

Articles about privacy

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