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Temporary doorbell

Posted on october 23, 2021 by ASK-Solutions in projects

Temporary doorbell

After the flooding we detected quite a lot of damage to multiple roofs. Both the main roof, renovated with concrete roof tiles in the 1970s, and the secondary flat roof at the back of the building, renovated in the 2000s, were in very bad shape. As one of the last steps in renovating the space, we’re renovating the entrance hall. To redo the stucco on the walls the mechanical pull doorbell system has to temporary make way; the doorbell pull, chains, pivots and bell are in the way.


The design criteria of the temporary solution are as follows:

  • has to operate wireless
  • has to be cheap
  • does not require drilling holes
  • can be removed without damaging the paint
  • the inside door jambs and architrave has to remain completely free

The best solution seems to be a € 9.00 battery operated wireless doorbell set. The button can be mounted on a 3D printed mounting plate. The 3D printed mounting plate can be secured to the door jambs by means of a 3D printed drop in anchor fitted in the 12 mm hole of the doorbell pull. The doorbell button can be fastened to the mounting plate with two M3 x 10 mm machine screw with hexagonal nuts. The drop in anchor can be fastened to the mounting plate with a M5 x 50 mm machine screw with a blind rivet nut. We have secured the blind rivet nut with a blind rivet nut hand tool. Alternatively the rivet nut can be secured from the front by tightening it first with a machine screw, against the mounting plate (the black oxide cap head machine screw with washer in the parts picture).

Temporary doorbell Temporary doorbell


Temporary Doorbell Mounting Plate.FCStd October 15, 2021 1.0 CC BY-SA 4.0 Drawing FreeCAD download
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