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Virus measures

Posted on february 11, 2020 by ASK-Solutions in news

ASK-Solutions is taking measures to protect our clients and employees.

It's clear from the data and quarantination measures within China that the corona type virus, SARS COV2, COVID-2019 is a highly contagious and high-risk virus variant. The latest data clearly shows that the virus is spreading outside China and forms a major risk factor for the entire world.


As usual, we request you to make an appointment before visiting us. Please, only pay a visit if it's not possible to resolve the matter via telephone, email or mail. It's preferable to come alone without colleagues. We provide disinfectant and soap to wash your hands and face.


We deliver all products by mail and courier. We do our best to package your product safely and cleanly.

When a product is too big or too heavy to be send by mail or courier, we'll deliver your product ourselves. We will hand over the goods to one of your employees outside your building.


We authorize all deliveries to be placed outside near our entrance. One of our employees will ensure that your package is brought in after a safety period and disinfection. If it rains, we'll ensure that your parcel remains dry.

ASK-Solutions complies with ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance