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Prusa powers our new 3D printing farm

Posted on october 27, 2019 by ASK-Solutions in news

We’re proud to announce that we’ve choosen Prusa Research to be the new supplier of the printers for our printer farm.

After successfully using Cel Robox printers for a couple of years, Brexit, together with a lack of local resellers forced us to broaden our horizon. After a successful trial period, we’re happy to report we're very positive about both the Prusa Mk3S 3D-Printer and their line of Prusament filament. The increased print volume offers more possibilities. Our print times have been reduced and print quality has improved. Also we’re very happy about the support and warranty handling Prusa offers.

Our new Prusa printers utilize genuine E3D hotends and nozzles. We’re no longer limited by the small range of print nozzles we were able to use with our Robox printers. We’ve set aside one Prusa Mk3S as our experimental printer, to test different heater, hotend, extruder and nozzle combinations to extend our range of printable materials and further improve print quality.

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