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Frequently asked questions

Security and Privacy

How can I verify that a mail or message is from ASK-Solutions?

Letter post

All our letter post is printed on our stationary at all times. Our stationary is printed in color, the printing continues to the edges (there are no white borders). Signed documents are always stamped with our company stamp. Letters sent by post are always sent in a printed envelope. Our envelopes are in color and don't have a gripper (a white band of unprinted area).

Registered documents are sent with a barcode that starts with 3SJAVU


All our packages are sent with an A6 shipping label with rounded corners which is printed with wax. The barcode on the shipping label starts with 3SJAVU

Packing slips, invoices and other documents are printed on our own stationery. See letter post.


We never send email that is not directly addressed to you personally. In outgoing email we always use your contact details and your customer, order and/or project number. We never send email which starts with Dear Customer or anything similar impersonal.

All our email comes from the domain ask-solutions.nl or ask-solutions.org. All our email is signed with our logo and our contact details.

All email from us has the first received header as Received: from smtp.freedom.nl. Our domains are protected with SPF, DKIM and DMARC to prevent spoofing.


SMS messages always come from our telephone number +31233690269 and with ASK-Solutions as the sender.

SMS is an insecure network, on which it is easy to intercept or inject messages! We never send important data or messages of a privacy-sensitive nature via SMS.

Social media

All messages on social media can be recognized by our handle or username asks0luti0ns. We never send customer data or important information via social media.

Has ASK-Solutions ever had a data breach, or are you not telling us about this?

Yes, we are open about this. And yes; this happedned in 2015, just after one of our own servers broke down and we had to place part of our data externally. As far as we know, no customer data has been leaked. However, company and personal data of employees and board members have.

This data has been used by criminals to threaten ASK-Solutions and board members.

Why does ASK-Solutions advocate data freedom and privacy?

ASK-Solutions believes that data freedom and privacy are extremely important something we do not hide. Openness and knowledge sharing was also our motivation while drafting the local act of the foundation. Since our first project we believe in collaboration, free (as in libre) software and hardware and open source. We have been supporting Bits of Freedom, EDRI and the Free Software Foundation for many years. For example, we actively fought against the original European data storage proposal, sensourship of the internet and the Digitale Patienten Dossier a proposol for centralized storage of medical records in the Netherlands.

We believe in the right of self-determination about your own data and property. Privacy has nothing to do with I have nothing to hide, privacy is the right to be in control of what others do and do not know and when about you. No one has the right to collect, archive, distribute or sell information about a person without the consent and knowledge of that person. Privacy is about the sovereignty of one's own identity and experience of one's own self.

One of the founders of ASK-Solution has been an expert by experience since childhood. An administrative error was made after she was born. As a result, she ended up in a municipal file together with another child. Due to the use of information from this file by various authorities. A decades-long struggle arose for her and her parents, in fighting for their own identity and recognition of being allowed to be who they are. Instead of a virtual identity, formed from the file, that was forced upon her and her parents.

ASK-Solutions complies with ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance