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We offer repair and upgrade services for desktop computers, workstations, laptops, deskphones, and peripherals. We can also often repair older computers that do not (always) want to turn on.


We repair desktop, laptop and server computers. Both within and outside the warranty period. When components are available, we do not swap out motherboards, power supplies and video cards, but we actually repair the defective parts if feasible. This way you save money, but you also contribute to less waste, CO2 emissions and the depletion of raw materials.


Does your computer no longer meet the requirements you need to perform your work quickly and efficiently? Or has your system been in operation for an extended amount of time? And do parts need to be replaced to prevent data loss? Together with you, we look at what you need for now and in the future.

We always keep a stock of computer parts such as motherboards, processors, memory, power supplies and expansion cards. Even if your system has reached its maximum potential, but this is not sufficient for you, we can exchange your system for a refurbished machine or help you with the purchase of a new system. We always deliver completely working systems, with all the software installed and settings made you need for your work.


Not only the computer itself gets older and wears out, but especially the peripherals, such as mice, keyboards, printers and external hard drives. We can periodically check, clean and repair your peripherals.

Notice!, we perform periodical maintenance, not the daily maintenance such as cleaning your mouse with a cloth and cleaning agent. It is best to regularly perform this yourself; for instance at the same time as cleaning your desk. We are happy to give you instructions and advice you about the right cleaning products.


We are always looking for systems to reassemble them into good, reliable and fast computers. Computer parts that are no longer (properly) usable are often stored in our warehouse. We desolder the components off of these, which manufacturers prevent from being available for sale. With these components we're able to perform most of the so called, board level repairs.

Old computers

In addition to modern computers, we also repair and take in old computers. Think of an old computer as in a home computer, 80x286 or a Pentium 4 system. These older systems are not only kept out of sentiment, but also still have functions for controlling older machines or for educational purposes such as in a museum set-up.

For more information, see restoration and retrofit

Other (electronic) devices

In addition to computers and peripherals, we also repair other electronic and sometimes non-electronic devices. Look at what else we repair: electronics, restoration and retrofit repair services.

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