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Data and Privacy

We offer various services to protect the data of your business and customers. We can help you control your data on the internet and with third parties. We advise and guide you in certification processes and compliance with the AVG and GDPR.

Information About You

Nothing is more annoying than incorrect information about you which is present on the internet. It is often difficult to find out where information about you is located and how it can be corrected or deleted. We are specialized in privacy and data processing and are happy to help you. With correct information about you, customers will find you easier and you'll be more thrustworthy.

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Business and Customer Data

For any business, large or small, it is vital that your own data and the data of your customers are safe; the data must not leak, get lost or contain errors. We are happy to help you with how you store, maintain and secure this data, check your data and make improvements.

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Certification and Privacy Laws

There are many privacy laws. Which laws do and do not apply to your business depends greatly on what you do and who your customers are. Do you sell flowers or does your business handle confidential information like medical records? We are happy to advise you and help you implement the right measures.

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ASK-Solutions complies with ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance