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All services which are offered by ASK-Solutions are based upon the principles of freedom and knowledge sharing. Under this page you will find a collection of knowledge articles seperated out into themes which forms the basis for the services of our company and the goals of our foundation.


Information about privacy and security. What invasion of our privacy is justified to keep the world a safe place to live in? But at the same time what privacy is essential for personal safety? Actually, what is privacy and security anyhow? Can having privacy even harm a person?

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Information about freedom. What is freedom and which freedoms are now taken away from us in modern society? Governments often deprive us of freedoms to ensure the security of the nation. Is this always necessary, or does it sometimes go too far? Increasingly, our freedom is also being taken away from us by industry. Many people do not recognize these deprivals by manufacturers.

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Knowledge, and especially the sharing of knowledge, has made humans what they are today. Our primary concern has always been working together towards common goals of safety and availability of food. The industrial revolution, the Greatest Scientists of All Time, everything was possible through the sharing of knowledge, collaboration and interest in each other's work and findings. This has changed with the information revolution.

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See some of the projects in the context of knowledge sharing and free (libre) software and hardware. Projects that are entirely done by our foundation, projects that our foundation has helped with or which we have had an advisory, encouraging or supportive role.

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