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ASK-Solutions offers a wide range of IT solutions for businesses. All our services are based on the principle of freedom and knowledge sharing.

IT Services

We provide various IT services. We build, supply, repair and maintain computers, software and peripherals, IP telephony, security cameras and networks.

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Repair Service

We provide repair, restoration and retrofit services for computers, laptops, various electronic devices and professionally used machines. We repair outside of the manufacturer's warranty, often at a lower cost than manufacturer repairs.

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Design & Marketing

We offer design and marketing services to give your company an appropriate and consistent appearance to its customers. With good branding, a well designed website and appropriate advertising materials, we increase your findability together, and you can conquer new markets.

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We believe in free (libre) software and hardware. Promoting the sharing of knowledge, collaboration in and between industries. We encourage the use and development of free software and hardware. Our foundation offers support and actively contributes to the development and social awareness of free software and hardware.

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Data and Privacy

We offer various services to protect the data of your company and your customers. We can help you control your data on the internet and with third parties. We advise and guide you in certification processes and compliance with the AVG and GDPR.

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ASK-Solutions complies with ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance