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President issues executive order on right to repair

Published july 12, 2021 by ASK-Solutions in discussion

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executive order on right to repair U.S. President Joe Biden has issued an executive order on right to repair. In the order, the president asks the FTC to look into drafting rules. The president acknowledges the trend of manufacturers in many industries becoming more and more anti repair. The President recognizes this as a problem for both the economy and the environment.

We're very pleased with this recognition and the indirect support the President of the United States of America has given us and other companies involved in independent repair. Our struggle is far from over as manufacturers continue their anti repair practices and political lobbying. The FTC has already written an almost devastating report towards anti repair arguments and practices. Their report clearly proves that: neither independent repair causes security and privacy issues, neither does it negatively influence technological progress. Instead the FTC recognizes that independent repair plays a vital role in many industries.

We're also very happy the President not only addresses independent repair, but also addresses the need for individuals to be able to repair devices themselves. Individuals should have the right and ability to open up, investigate, repair and tinker their own devices. This is how a large portion of skilled technicians started out. Many technologies we have today would not have been possible without these individuals. Everybody here at ASK-Solutions started out tinkering with devices in their youth. It inspired us and brought us the skills we have today. Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, puts it very well in his recent video about right to repair.

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